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Explore the expansive region of Thebryll, a place filled with many dangers and secrets while collecting over 40 different items to aid you on your journey to find the six fragments of the Eternity Rune before it's too late!

The Story
Long ago, the wizard Odu created two magical runes to balance the natural forces of good and evil in the universe. They became known as the Runes of Eternity and Destruction, and were sealed away after Odu's passing.

Eventually, another wizard named Drodu stole the Rune of Destruction from its resting place. He was promised strange new powers by the rune, and it corrupted him. The Eternity Rune was broken into six pieces and scattered throughout Thebryll, leaving the now corrupted Drodu to go into hiding to master his newfound powers, confident he could not be stopped.

Odu arose from his grave, and knowing that the world could meet its doom, looked for someone to send on a mission to recover the pieces of the Eternity Rune. He eventually found Aloe, a warrior from the forest. Aloe was dubbed the title of "Rune Seeker" and was sent on his journey to reassemble the Rune of Eternity and save Thebryll.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Great game!  Though I still need to find that last secret…

A couple bugs:  trying to open the Hidari door without the key in one’s possession causes a crash.  Also, you can take the canoe eastward more or less indefinitely.

Thanks for playing!

I'll look into those things soon ^^


I think I broke my game D: I went into the massive crater's mine dungeon, acquired the master key, but did not complete going through the whole dungeon. When I came back to it at a later time, I did not have the master key for the dungeon anymore, I could not get another key, and the master key gate was locked. This game's a lot of fun though!

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Oh, sorry to hear that! I'll look into it right away. Did you happen to do anything else between leaving and coming back to the dungeon?

Oh thanks for the quick reply. I did go into other dungeons and collect a master key from those dungeons, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what caused the issue I got!

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Hey, I got to a point where I tried picking up a second boss key, but it seems to already have been handled. Did you forget to go back and pick up the other one after clearing the dungeon, perhaps?


Hello! I did have something weird like that happen, now that you mention it. I was in another dungeon, and I noticed that I had a master key already and was able to sequence break the dungeon that way, and the master key in there couldn't be picked up. I didn't think about taking that master key specifically and using it back on the other dungeon I got stuck on. That might let me continue on. Thank you!

No problem! Gl ^^


Short and sweet, honestly one of the more fun Zelda-likes I've played. The slightly abstract world map is fun to navigate with and explore. The overworld is mostly entirely open to you at the beginning but you unlock more secrets as you get more items. Power curve is satisfying. Combat is fun and the tomes keep it interesting.


Sorry for commenting on such an old game. I recently found it out and I can say I really loved it. I have a question about the all diffculty extra. Is it more lore?


No need to be sorry! In fact, I'm glad you left it!
The area you unlock after effectively 100%ing the game is not extra lore, it's more of an easter egg and a way of congratulating players for seeing everything the game has to offer.

So something in the like of sound test room addition in games like FFVII or LoZ Series?

Yeah, something like that.


I am hyped for the full release!!